The Complete Generac iQ2000 Review: The Portable Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Additional sources of electricity for outdoor use or during emergencies have become quite relevant today. While quieter and cleaner options such as portable battery packs and solar panels are quite popular, these energy sources hardly provide sufficient power for all your appliances.

You’ll still need gas powered generators to handle the big tasks. The Generac iQ2000 is a perfect example of a portable super quiet inverter generator that bridges the gap between gas powered energy and other clean noiseless sources.

This Generac iQ2000 review explores several ways this portable and powerful generator outperforms the rest in terms of features, design, and functionality.

The Generac iQ2000 is one of the most versatile and high-performance generators for many reasons.

It gives you a working output of 1,600 watts in normal operation which is more than enough to power your appliances at a campsite or at home.

It is a handy power source to carry along at picnics, tailgating events, and fun-filled backyard parties.


There are many ways this backup generator can serve you but first, let’s take a look at some of the key features and specs of the Generac iQ2000.


For a start, the iQ2000 is a sine wave inverter generator. This basically means that the generator’s power output is controlled electronically, allowing the engine to run at different speeds depending on the load.

“Generac iQ2000 saves fuel and runs at extremely low noise”

The generator saves fuel and is not prone to excessive wear and tear. Best of all the inverter generator runs at extremely low noise as long as it is not pushed to operate at maximum level.


Most users of the generator find its three operation modes quite convenient.

The Generac iQ2000 operates in standard, economy, and turbo modes. All you need to do is to select your preferred mode depending on the amount of load you want it to power and you are good to go.

It has a power bar, or load meter, which helps you to choose the most appropriate level and avoid overloading the generator. Varying operation modes help you to conserve fuel when you want the generator to power a few simple appliances.


The Generac iQ2000 comes parallel-ready, which means you can easily pair it with another generator for more power output.

You simply need to buy the Generac IQ2000 Parallel Kit to run two generators and run them in parallel to power your RV or for any other application that requires more power than a single generator can provide.

The Generac IQ2000 Parallel Kit comes with a 30 Amperes 120V twist-lock receptacle. With this parallel kit, you can use a single generator when you don’t need a lot of power or two generators when you need extra power.

Most RVs have a receptacle that you can connect the parallel kit.

Other key features of the iQ2000 inverter generator include:

  • The unique alternator which is a digital inverter that converts DC output to AC.
  • A smart clearly visible LED dashboard. This is a centralized display screen that shows you different functions and levels of the generator while in operation such as fuel level, wattage use, and battery life. The dashboard keeps you updated on the generator’s status at all times.
  • A handy PowerDial. Most generator users will find the PowerDial very useful. It incorporates all the major controls for starting, running, and stopping the generator. Everything is integrated in a simple easy to use dial with all the settings you need.


The iQ2000 comes with two 120V plug-ins similar to the ones you have at home. Its 1600 Watts output is sufficient enough to power both small and big appliances at campsites or in your RV.

The generator is designed to give reliable performance at home and away. It is easy to use too. There’s no learning curve with the Generac iQ2000.

All you need to do is pull the easy starter cord, adjust its throttle, choose your required operation mode, and you are good to go.

The LEDs on its front interface show you everything you need to know about remaining fuel, power usage, and maintenance issues including oil level.

The generator has a maximum capacity of just a little over one gallon which gives you hours of run time.

The run time depends on the amount of power your devices require but you’ll be reliably informed of fuel usage via a digital clock on the generator’s face which counts down time as the iQ2000 runs.

It has a small but reliable four stroke 79cc engine. You’ll never run into serious performance issues as the generator comes with a detailed but easy to understand Generac IQ2000 manual.


Generators have a bad reputation for being annoyingly loud. It is no wonder why most camping grounds have a noise emission limit nowadays. The iQ2000 however is quite different.

It is a super quiet generator mainly because it uses a unique type of alternator that’s quite unlike the standard generators. It’s varying engine speeds help to reduce noise level significantly.

You can count on the Generac iQ2000 for quiet performance. After all, the last thing you need when communing with nature is to hear your source of power rumble on and on until lights out.


The iQ2000 combines superior performance, low noise emission, and a compact portable design in one generator.

It is lightweight with less than 50 pounds of weight.

This means you can conveniently carry it by yourself without having to look for outside help when camping or tailgating.

It has a simple compact design and easily fits into the trunk of a small car without issues. It won’t take too much of your storage space.


The iQ2000 has a useful and exclusive Powerbar which monitors and displays the amount of wattage produced in real time. It keeps you updated on the capacity you still have left every time you bother to check.

It has a handy light up fuel gauge which saves you the trouble of peering through the fuel tank to make a rough estimate of the remaining fuel.

It will even show you the burn rate in real time. Its generator status indicators will alert you when you are running low on fuel or oil and even when the unit is overheating or overloading.


You can use the iQ2000 to power just about any appliance at home, RV, or campsite. It can power your refrigerator, a small air conditioner, and other household appliances.

A single generator will run your RV air conditioner but for a large window unit you’ll need two parallel generators running at the same time.


  • It comes with extremely useful status indicators to alert you when the unit overheats, overloads, and when oil or fuel levels drop.
  • It has a responsive smart LED dashboard that shows you current fuel levels and remaining runtime. The LED dashboard uses PowerBar technology which tells you how the unit is performing and the amount of wattage being produced.
  • The iQ2000 comes with parallel use function which allows you to hook an extra generator for additional power using the Generac IQ2000 Parallel Kit. This parallel ability is useful on occasions where you need higher amounts of wattage.
  • It runs clean and quiet. The iQ2000 is ultra quiet and produces super clean energy. You’ll hardly smell or hear the generator running from a few feet away.
  • It is an easy to use generator. It has a straightforward interface with all the necessary settings in one place. The dashboard shows you how much fuel is left among other things. It’s easy to refuel too. Just flip the gas tank cap open and pour in fuel. Starting the unit s not an issue. A single firm yank on the starting cable will get the engine running.
  • It is a high tech generator with a digital interface that helps to prevent mechanical problems. The dashboard alerts you in case of overheating which helps to reduce wear and tear and make your generator last even longer. In case of a mechanical problem, you can always get Generac IQ2000 parts which are readily available on the market.
  • It is a compact portable generator. The iQ2000 is lightweight and portable enough to be carried by one person. Its compact design is very economical for easy storage.


  • Some users of the generator increases its sound output with heavier loads. This is quiet normal because a heavier loads tends to strain the unit causing an increase in the emitted sound. To avoid this problem, run two generators in parallel for additional power at the lowest noise emission.
  • It would have been much better if it came with a 12V battery charging unit.


As our final thoughts for this Generac iQ2000 review, we highly recommend this ultra-quiet inverter generator to anyone who seeks for exceptional value for money.

It is a quiet, clean, easy to use, and durable generator with all the tech implementations you need to power up your appliances and gadgets.

It is a great unit to have for your tailgating parties and other outdoor events.

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